Anti-Slavery Policy

Making it fair for everyone.

We believe in a fair pay for a fair days work. We also believe that for our team to be based in and around London and the South East , they also need to be able to live comfortably and thrive rather than just survive.

We pay the minimum wage of £15phr for our site operatives. Currently our average phr wage is £24.46phr (01/10/21).

We pay a minimum starting office salary £35k PA for any position.

We require any sub-contractor to comply fully with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, wherever it applies. We also, in many cases, require our sub-contractors to disclose their wages paid to staff to ensure they are in line with our ethics.

Where possible, we source our materials, goods, services and labour from within the UK.

We challenge any abnormally low-cost invoices to ensure they do not rely upon the potential contractor practising modern slavery.
We encourage our team to train and to better themselves at every opportunity through online training or college training.

We have trained our team to look out for sub-contractors and have a system in place for them to blow the whistle on any suspected examples of modern slavery.

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